Who Built Barack Obama?

To twist a line from William Hazlitt, Living the life of a Democrat is the art of being well deceived.

Adam Smith in the Wealth of Nations spoke of the unseen "hidden hand" in a free economy that miraculously helps steer the path of an economy towards rational and productive outcomes. 

In warfare, there are a few times when the unseen hand of fate seems to steer one party to victory despite overwhelming odds and daunting logistical challenges.  In recent history, that may be best seen in the Battle of Midway where a badly damaged and demoralized US Navy gained a decisive victory over a larger, more confident Imperial Japanese Navy.

Politics occasionally sees such a hidden hand where a person embarks on a meteoric rise to power.  Yet, in modern history has anyone, ever, anywhere had such a streak miraculous good luck as Mr. Obama?  An unseen "hidden hand" seems to be stacking the deck in Mr. Obama's favor.  Bill Whittle of PJTV does a terrific job of articulating the amazing string of profoundly helpful coincidences that have repeatedly opened doors and allowed such an inexperienced and narcissistic empty suit to rise to the most important and most powerful position in the entire world. 

Who built Barack Obama?  Certainly the dangerously incompetent political parties share blame in not recognizing the risk such a person places our nation in.  Equally to blame is a criminally negligent fourth estate who abandoned any sense of professional integrity or curiosity about Mr. Obama.  A pathetically ignorant citizenry indentured to identity politics certainly has a part to play here as well.

But such neglect only goes so far in explaining how Mr. Obama was able to move forward without so much as a shred of evidence that his talent, abilities, and performance were equal to the responsibilities that he was being given.

Bill Whittle suggests tenders the hypothesis that Mr. Obama could disappear tomorrow, but the problem that really remains, the problem that is far more concerning, is that the mechanism and forces that led him into power are still in place and remain undiscussed and undiscovered. 

Who, or what, led to Mr. Obama's mercurial rise?  For those who are inclined to explain it as simply miraculously good fortune or the hand of fate are thoroughly deceived.  No one is that lucky.  You don't go to Vegas and expect to get dealt a royal flush.  You absolutely know that it won't happen every night for two weeks straight.  

Yet, that seems to be what has happened here.  No one is that lucky.

Someone, or something, did this for him.  Who or what was it?

Who built Barack Obama?