Do Conservatives Speak to Pollsters?

Polls are inherently flawed.  You might have seen the pollster at the mall flagging down people to conduct a 'quick survey'.   Ever notice how many people just walk on by?  This in itself makes the poll a flawed sampling.  Those who choose not to be bothered, ignore the entreaties of the pollster. Those who choose not to be confronted, not to be disturbed, those who have somewhere to go and are likely deep in thought, take a pass on the pollster. Did I just describe a Conservative? Do Conservatives who are home for the evening reach for the phone when the caller ID says "Washington DC" or "Political Call"?  I don't. There is a dangerous game being played by the politicians and the pollsters.  Whenever there is a great deal of power and money at stake, one can assume there is power and money in play.  What does this do to the integrity of the polling services?  Are election polling services far from the Television ratings game? Politicians...(Read Full Post)