The Redistributionist

Another declaration of Obama's want for redistribution of wealth is a National Public Radio interview conducted in 2001.  Not only does he reveal his desire for wealth redistribution conducted by the government, he suggests the Judicial branch be the agent.

But the interview went further, and Obama revealed more.  The "senior lecturer"  expressed that our current system of government was negative in nature and that it deals more with what the government can't do to you rather than what the government should do for you.

Mr. Obama, that is the idea.  Even JFK made reference to this cornerstone of our system when he made his famous "ask not" speech.

This is pure unadulterated evidence, from Obama's lips, that he diametrically opposed to the concept of limited government coupled with individual initiative. 

Listen to the audio of this radio interview.  His comments from 1998, now receiving so much attention,  pale in comparison to these revelations.  Video.