Distress signal: A Sign for Our Time

At a meeting where the opposition continually prevents you from being heard by shouting you down, your best recourse is to wave a highly visible sign, preferably a picture. I've had to do this at anti-abortion rallies. We're in this situation now. We can't get our message to the public because the media picks up some small item (like the 47% video) and keeps loudly chanting about it for days or weeks. We need a sign--a highly visible image--that they can't shout down. I think I've found it in a collection of old National Review columns. In April 1995, William F. Buckley Jr., in an obituary for his longtime friend, William F. Rickenbacker, commented on Rickenbacker's idea of protesting the flag-burning craze by flying the American flag at half mast: Instead, I'm flying my own flag at full mast, but upside-down, in the international signal of distress. A flag that has been abandoned by its own country is certainly in distress... What better symbol could we have of our present...(Read Full Post)