Blame It on the Rain

Some people say that Obama is not responsible for the bad economy or the conflagration of the Middle East.  Or Fast and Furious.

They sing , "Gotta blame it on something / Blame it on the rain."  Like Milli Vanilli, they're lip-synching for the Democratic Party.

But Obama is responsible for everything that goes on in this country by virtue of his being our leader.  He creates the zeitgeist and the atmosphere in which things happen.  He is a happening of the mundane and the leadership of the exalted.

Obama permeates our lives.  When he approves of OWS, the protesters become invested with power, and violate the law with impunity.  They malign the fiscally responsible Tea Party while they litter and publicly excrete on cars.  They are encouraged to be bold and carry anti-Semitic placards while they complain about the Tea Party being bigoted.  Obama doesn't take credit for the chaos, rapes, and murder but his fingerprints are on the felonies.

"Bigot" is the protesters' favorite word because it diverts attention from their own activist ideological prejudices.  And Obama, not secure enough to own up to his charade as the president of the United States, identifies with the defecators at Zuccotti Park.  He is the government, the police, but he takes the side of the simple-minded protesters.

Obama was vested in the misbehavior of the OWS protesters as he was vested in abusing the police in Cambridge for siding with Gates.  And saying Trayvon Martin looks like his son is clearly racist.  Obama is saying, "Hey, I'm not Wall Street.  I'm a poor black kid.  Don't pick on me." 

Obama is a redundant cliché, an amputee with only a left arm, a left wing, a love of Democrat naïvetés.  And responsibility clings to him like Crazy Glue.

I know about what I speak.  While Obama ducks responsibility for the economy and the Middle East, I took responsibility for tax evasion within my firm, Allied Programs Corporation.

 The tax evasion was committed not so much by me, but by my underlings.  Still, it was my firm, so the evasion became my responsibility.  That's life.  I took it on the chin, like I used to do when I was a professional boxer.

I was sentenced to two years fed time for being the kingpin of a corporate tax evasion scheme.  I wasn't the kingpin -- I didn't even know most of the participants -- yet the court found me guilty.  I appealed and then accepted it.  I didn't cry.  I did two years washing dishes in jail while Obama is finishing his four years royally golfing as the Middle East burns.  I made the most of it and worked out four hours a day and wrote ten movie scripts (two were finalists at the Angelica Film Festival) and a book of published poems -- Steel Toe Boots.

I was a kingpin while Obama is a king.  Power is his reward for ruining our country, misleading the middle class into thinking they deserve something for nothing and their fair share of another's pie while Obama sneakily gives the middle class nothing anyhow.

Obama doesn't want to admit that he failed to cut our debt in half, tanked billions in green energy projects that were sophomoric whims, and failed to solve our unemployment problems.  Instead, he asks for another four years to put us deeper in debt.  If his solutions solved nothing the first term, what makes him think his tired ideas will wake up the economy this time?  When I failed at Allied Programs Corp, I didn't come out of jail and ask for my old job back.

In 1993, my lawyer, Ben Brafman (now famous for representing P. Diddy, Michael Jackson and Dominique Strauss-Kahn), appeared on behalf of my corporate tax evasion case in Delaware.

He argued that I was not a kingpin, but Judge Latchum decided, "Mr. Lawrence started it.  And while he didn't supervise, maybe he didn't know all that was going on, once you stir up a conspiracy web, and you're caught in it, you're caught in with all of them.  And I can't really say that you're not.  So I'm ruling in favor of enhancement of four-point level on the defendant's role in the offense."

My increase came thanks to the possibility of supervising more than five people.  Obama's removal from office should be based on his ruining the finances and lives of millions of people.  Perhaps there should be another enhancement for being weak enough to allow the Middle East to flare up and possibly lead to a Third World War.

Obama always takes pride in his service.  I wish he would stop serving us before he ruins us completely.  Oh, he wants to do his fair share.  Unfortunately, in doing his fair share, he has taken a humongous share for himself.  Being a millionaire and living in the White House when he has destroyed the greatest capitalistic country in the world is more than his fair share.

And now he is the flag.  He salutes himself.  He is the essence of his own ambitious hallucinations.  The voters are drinking his Kool-Aid.  Obama grabs the mic and sings Al Green's "Let's Stay Together."  But what Obama really means is "I want your vote.  Zuccotti Park and Benghazi have nothing to do with me.  I'm innocent.  Blame it on the rain, the soup, the filmmaker."