Blame It on the Rain

Some people say that Obama is not responsible for the bad economy or the conflagration of the Middle East.  Or Fast and Furious. They sing , "Gotta blame it on something / Blame it on the rain."  Like Milli Vanilli, they're lip-synching for the Democratic Party. But Obama is responsible for everything that goes on in this country by virtue of his being our leader.  He creates the zeitgeist and the atmosphere in which things happen.  He is a happening of the mundane and the leadership of the exalted. Obama permeates our lives.  When he approves of OWS, the protesters become invested with power, and violate the law with impunity.  They malign the fiscally responsible Tea Party while they litter and publicly excrete on cars.  They are encouraged to be bold and carry anti-Semitic placards while they complain about the Tea Party being bigoted.  Obama doesn't take credit for the chaos, rapes, and murder but his fingerprints are on the...(Read Full Post)