Deceptive, Uninformed, or Dangerous Naïveté ?

The Presidential miasma of deception and delusion appears steeped in a dangerous naïveté.  Then it struck me.  Perhaps the President really doesn't know the facts.  This would explain the emptiness of his speeches that are froth with platitudes, banalities and rely on a rhythmic delivery akin to  a " revival tent " call and response .  Maybe he has been kept in such an information bubble, controlled apparently by Jarett and Axelrod, that the President is only fed what the "keepers" want delivered. Maybe, per his Letterman appearance, he really believes that the world is keeping our interest rates low by buying  our debt. This would suggest he doesn't know or understand Quantitative Easing, or the impact of credit rating declines. Perhaps he was told that Holder really didn't know of the program that started in his term, and that they just can't find the highest official in the DOJ who was aware of Fast and Furious. Maybe the President merely likes to...(Read Full Post)