Celebrating Bolshevism?

A Pennsylvania high school marching band has presented one of those teachable moments liberty lovers would be crazy not to make the most of. New Oxford High School is about ten miles from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania but during a Friday evening halftime show their band transported football fans back to St. Petersburg, Russia 1917. The musicians donned olive military uniforms and waved hammers, sickles and red flags in the air commemorating the Bolshevik Revolution. A few outraged parents who still remember their world history were in shock by what they saw. Conewago Valley School District Superintendent Rebecca Harbaugh told Fox reporters it was supposed to be a celebration of Shostakovich, "not an endorsement of communism at all."  "It's a representation of the time period in history called St. Petersburg 1917," she said. "I am truly sorry that somebody took the performance in that manner. I am." "If anything is being celebrated it's the music," she said. "It is what it is. I...(Read Full Post)