Barack Obama Strolls Down EZ Street

Perpetual campaigner Barack Obama is everywhere.  He's in Las Vegas, the internet, over at Jay and Bey's place, and even showed up on EZ Street's show on Washington DC's interactive urban contemporary radio station WKYS. WKYS features "what's hot in the hip-hop community" and judging from the homepage, it's clear Barack Obama remains "hot" in the hip-hop community. Recovering from an unsettling UNIVISION interview, Barack spent a good portion of his marshmallow interview reciting a laundry list of predictable talking points.  The President talked about getting out the vote, and encouraged listeners to register at For those who don't know how to vote, the President recommended they go to "," which is actually So, if the DC community fails to show up on Election Day the Democrats can blame it on Barry getting his coms and orgs mixed up. Obama reassured concerned radio listeners that, similar to the protection against vote...(Read Full Post)