Clinton Lies Again About Obama's Jobs Record

Former President Bill Clinton went on CBS News Face the Nation to explain that Obama inherited a very bad jobs market, and that Obama's job record - certainly when looking on the private sector claims Clinton - is better than the previous eight years. But the fact is that the only reason "Obama created a net 4.6M jobs under his watch" as Democrats like to say, is twofold:

A) While the monthly jobs reports do include the ups and downs of Government Jobs, Obama simply ignores it. So this puts the number at 4.6M jobs instead of 4.0 million.

B) The 4.6M number holds true after ignoring the lost government jobs, only if you count Obama's time in office from March 2010 ("Over the last thirty months" as Obama keeps saying). In other words, the Democrats totally ignore the first fourteen months of The Obama Administration and lay it on the previous administration. This is fine with me. But if we do this, we have to do use the same math on other Presidents too: -         In Clinton's first fourteen months in office we gained 3,259,000 jobs. That's the credit of Republican Bush 41. Right, Mr. Clinton? -        

In the first fourteen months of Bush 43 we lost 2,036,000 jobs. That's the fault of Democrat Clinton. Ain't it so, Bill? I am merely using the Dems' math... I ran this fourteen-month math all the way back to the economy that JFK inherited from Republican Eisenhower, and the results show that 9,093,000 (nine million!) jobs gained under Democrats since JFK were gained in their first fourteen months in office that they inherited from Republican presidents, and millions of jobs lost under Republican presidents took place in the first fourteen months of inheriting an economy from a Democrat.

Bill Clinton's "23 Million Jobs" actually drops by 5.29M due to first fourteen month switch of what he inherited from Bush 41 and what he gave for Bush 43. If Democrats want to play the 14-Month Game, then bring it on.