America's New First Amendment

By now, most people know of the latest episode of Islamists frothing at the mouth over what they claim is an insult to the Prophet Muhammad.  Specifically, they are enraged by a movie titled "Innocence of Muslims."  The movie's trailer was recently dubbed into Arabic and posted on YouTube.  Four people have been killed already and, almost certainly, the violence is not over. Much has also been made of an early statement by the U.S. Embassy that chastised those who, "hurt the religious feelings of Muslims" with such an "abuse" of the right of free speech. Robert Stephenson adroitly noted in American Thinker, notwithstanding the upside-down fact that the law-abiding must apologize for making Muslims mad, we must recognize that: A human being is not absolved of responsibility because of a certain religious following. While this certainly ought to be true, it clearly isn't in the case of Islam. I wrote about this in American Thinker when I discussed an Arab festival in...(Read Full Post)