Where are all the protestors?

At the 2004 convention, tens of thousands of anti-war protestors descended on New York city to harrass the GOP convention. In 2008, there were thousands of anarchists, anti-war, and Code Pink demonstrators who were kept far away from the St. Paul convention center. And Tampa, 2012? Where are they? USA Today: Tampa police say patience paid off as a cat-and-mouse game with protesters failed to result in a single arrest outside the Republican National Convention Wednesday night. The band of less than 100 "Occupy"-style protesters tried to taunt police officers by dangling bagels and donuts at the end of fishing poles. "I guess they thought that was funny," said Tampa Police Chief Jane Castor outside a downtown hotel, where she dealt with the protesters personally. The protesters took over intersections and refused to move for more than 15 minutes -- until getting up and asking police for directions to their next protest site. So far, only three people have been arrested in...(Read Full Post)