Trainers in Front of Gleason's Entrance

I'm walking up the block to Gleason's Gym.  I've been doing this for thirty years.  Well, not exactly.  I used to be dropped off by a chauffeured Rolls-Royce.  I was a liberal, millionaire socialist.   When I was rich, I praised social justice and financial welfare.   I was a hypocritical Rolls-Royce liberal. Now that I have lost my wealth, I praise the rich.  I believe in the freedom to succeed.  I guess I am a contrarian -- I embrace the opposite. At least I'm honest.  I never take my own side. I identify with what I think is right.  Boxing is an anesthetic, a spoon of dullness, cocaine. It's 2012, and I am an anti-nanny state Republican.  I celebrate strength and toughness.  I am a Spartan -- a warrior and an intellectual.  I am a man, not a soft, effeminate toast to empathy. I am so glad to have shaken off wishy-washy liberalism.   I meet a trainer out front.  Grant looks like me -- white and...(Read Full Post)