For God's Sake Mr. President...Man up!

For the better part of this President's first term, we have been subjected to a plethora of excuses as to why things aren't better for Americans than they were a mere four years ago.  Whether it's the President, himself, telling us that the recession was considerably worse than they imagined, or one of his mouthpieces telling us that if only the Republicans would work with's all getting to be old and it's starting to raise the ire of Americans!

This week, it was the continued softening of the Eurozone.  Mr. President, we don't give a damn what's going on over there.  We pay you to be the CEO of the largest economy in the world!  As CEO it is YOUR responsibility to surround yourself with individuals who can prepare you for these types of occurrences and then adjust our actions to protect our economic concerns.  If you can't figure out that Europe's troubles are going to have an adverse affect on the US, then you should step down.  While it is impossible to insulate us from the crisis that is dragging the EU down, or any other nation for that matter, it is highly probable that had we acted two years ago -- before Greece had been bailed out three times -- then perhaps we would be in a better position to isolate the European situation and restrict it to their side of the pond?

For many months it was Bush's fault.  Personally we don't give a rat's derriere.  The past is the past and no amount of wishing or "hoping" is going to change that.  You knew that he had the reins of the country for the eight years prior.  Man up and do your job!  We pay you to play with the cards that you're dealt!  Stop making excuses for your inability to govern in a way that Americans can feel like there might just be hope on the horizon.

We don't want to hear excuses.  We hired you to do a job.  Remember the job requirements?  Uphold the Constitution, protect and remember that day when you put your hand on the bible?

For three and a half years you've done nothing but trash the Constitution-but we have been willing to overlook that indiscretion.  You've completely undermined our military with security leaks, and trashed our relations with former allies, but we've allowed that to go under the radar.  You've created so much unemployment and under employment that our tax revenues will never grow to a point where borrowing will no longer be required...and to that, we've looked the other way.  You've bypassed Congress with Executive Orders that contradict our business plan (the Constitution), yet we cower under the cries of racism and continue to allow the Czars and your refusal to enforce laws that you don't like.

Each and every one of these inadequacies is grounds for being fired, yet we acquiesce...allowing you to continue to double down on your promise to "transform" America.   Looking the other way doesn't seem to be working too well and your excuses are getting old, so let's consider our options:   We can buy into the excuses for your inadequacies and give you another four years of obfuscation and blame, or we can admit that we made a horrible mistake when we hired you and terminate your contract with America.

This November, Americans will be faced with arguably the most-important election in our lives and perhaps in the history of our country.  The grim reality is this:  America is circling the drain.  Our deficits, our uncontrolled spending, the entitlement state...all point to the continued demise of this great nation.  The question is not "who makes us feel good at the helm during this perfect storm of world malaise."  The question is:  "who do we need calling the shots" as we face the prospects of collapse.  Its' time for each of us to act like a shareholder in America and cast our vote based on what is right for our country and not based on socially acceptable memes and peer pressure.

Cast your vote knowing that this unprepared and unqualified individual is going to, sooner or later, run out of excuses as to why our lives are so miserable.  That sound you hear is the hopes and dreams of Americans being sucked down the drain of opportunity.  Perhaps it's time for each of us to man up?