Romney's swing state bump

Remember how a few days ago, the propaganda wing of the Democratic party--CBS, NYT, WaPo, AP, ad nauseum--were trumpeting new polls in battleground states showing that Barack Obama had substantial leads? Well, new surveys are out showing that Mitt Romney now has the lead in several battleground states. The same media outlets, of course, have met these new polls, showing Romney ahead in Ohio, Florida, Virginia and Wisconsin, and within striking distance in Colorado and even Pennsylvania, with ... silence. The polls, conducted separately by Rasmussen Reports and Purple Strategies, show: -Romney ahead of Obama by two points in Ohio -up three points in Virginia -up one point (Purple Strategies) or two points (Rasmussen) in Florida -within three points in Colorado -within five points in Pennsylvania -and up one point in Paul Ryan's home state of Wisconsin. All would indicate that the swing states are within reach with plenty of time still to play out. Additionally, according to Purple...(Read Full Post)