Romney takes off the gloves

Whatever you may have thought of the presidential race previously as far as the depths to which it could descend, you ain't seen nothing yet. Mitt Romney, building on Joe Biden's ugly racial smear in North Carolina, has accused Obama of running a campaign of "division, anger, ahd hate" and urged the president to take those tactics "back to Chicago." Politico: Addressing a crowd of several thousand here in Chillicothe, Romney expanded on the main theme of his campaign since he chose Paul Ryan as his running mate: that the Republican ticket is offering "solutions," while Obama is running a small and brutish reelection bid. "This is an election in which we should be talking about the path ahead, but you don't hear any answers coming from President Obama's reelection campaign," said Romney, accusing Obama of "taking things to a new low." Referring to Joe Biden's comment that Romney and Republicans would let big business put Americans "back in chains" Romney said Obama's ...(Read Full Post)