'The Crazy Uncle in the White House Attic' is one heartbeat away from the Presidency.

Obama: Making Joe Biden Vice President was "The single best decision I have made" reported by CBS News back in 2010. At first blush, this seems like a ridiculous statement.  Upon examination of Obama's subsequent record, it may be valid.

That is the same Joe Biden that Charles Krauthammer (a psychiatrist) referred to as the "crazy uncle in the attic".  His recent racist comment claiming Romney and Ryan will put people 'back in chains" is the latest gaffe.  The White House stands behind the comments.  [Sound of crickets from the Sharpton and Jackson crowd.]

I guess Joe is good sport for the media.  He gives the sound bites that break up the drudgery of the daily news flows and helps fill up the news hour.  A delight for a news editor trying to fill the page, or the time slot.

But on a serious note, the "crazy uncle" is just a heart beat away from going from the attic to the Oval Office.  A frightening thought.  Not a casual situation.  Serious as a heart attack on the White House basketball court.

The 2008 Obama said that Biden would fill in the gaps in his lack of foreign relations experience.  We could feel safe." Joe will advise me," said Obama.

I don't feel  safe.  Is this the type of "expertise" and "savvy" the Obama administration finds indispensible?  Are the string of Biden gaffes not an indication of a fogged mind?

It is becoming glaringly clear, like a fire hose in the face, that this man Joe Biden is a cardboard cutout.  He is a shallow thinking career politician who speaks first and maybe, just maybe, thinks afterwards.  He is the guy that gets the pie in the face, then laughs.

He is an integral part of the Obama team.  He is next in line for the Presidency.

A second term from Obama will bring more of this type of public servant.  They will lead the nation and manage the foreign policy of our country. We will have more of  the Eric Holder types. More of Janet Napolitano types.  More, God forbid, Supreme Court appointments like Kagan and Sotomayor.  More agency appointments like Van Jones. More cabinet appointments like Steven Chu.

These realities would make a wonderful political ad for the Romney camp. And keep the "crazy uncle' in the attic.  Just not the White House attic.