Republican convention to focus on Romney's professionalism

Mitt Romney's personal approval ratings are still in negative territory, having remained fairly static in recent months. The Obama campaign of personal destruction has had something to do with that and it leaves the GOP in a quandary regarding what to do to blunt the fact that more Americans have an unfavorable view of Mitt than favorable. The solution: focus on Romney's competence and professionalism at the convention in order to convince the voter that even if you don't like Mitt much, he will be better for the economy than the clueless Obama. Washington Post: Mitt Romney's advisers are orchestrating a four-day Republican National Convention that is not so much designed to make Americans fall in love with the nominee, but rather to fall in like with the idea of him as the nation's leader and a uniquely qualified businessman who can fix the economy. The decision to focus heavily on Romney's career background and economic policies is a departure from most conventions, which tend...(Read Full Post)