The Late Great Joe Biden

The smart people all say that Jay Carney told the truth Friday: Joe Biden will the running mate for President Obama this election.  I think they may be wrong.

The other night, during an interview on Fox, Sarah Palin declared what's becoming more and more obvious:  Joe Biden should be replaced on the Democrat ticket with none other than Hillary Clinton.

After Biden's latest in a series of over-the-top gaffes, John McCain, Sean Hannity, the editorial pages of conservative newspapers, and others (just Google, "Biden must go"), have made similar declarations.  It's been suggested, too, that the change needs to be made in the next thirty days or so.

The official Democrat talking point is, of course, to defend Joe's crazy rants as being "taken out of context" or waving them off with the all-too-familiar, "Oh, that's just Joe" remark (even Bill O'Reilly used that tired excuse in one of his vaunted Talking Points memos).

And, for now, both sides will champion their viewpoint -- even though conservatives may be seeing their take-back-the-White-House chances wither if the big switch does indeed take place.

Many signs are actually pointing to a Joe Biden dumping.  But, let's be clear -- Biden will never be dropped because of any "supposed" gaffe he's made.  I mean, have you ever heard the Obama Administration ever declare it made a mistake about anything?  No.  Biden will be removed "compassionately" from the ticket due to "health considerations."

This might happen before the convention, but if it doesn't, don't be surprised if it comes anytime up to and including the weekend before Election Day.

Timing is always crucial in an election.  Think about what was happening in the months leading up to the 2008 election.  McCain/Palin were actually ahead in the polls before the housing bubble burst, crashing the markets. 

There may be some who believe a Hillary-for-Joe switch simply can't happen because of the pent-up animosity between both Clintons and Obama during the 2008 campaign.   In fact, some might say (cough, Bill Clinton) that if it wasn't for the all-powerful "race card" being played, Hillary (who remains highly popular among women and independent voters) would probably be president today. 

The brilliance of a "health emergency" ushering Biden from Obama's side cannot be understated.   Medical conditions are such tricky things and can happen at any time.  They certainly cannot be "controlled."  And once the poor bloke is photographed haggard and down-crested in his hospital bed (with prop tubing in his arms, snaking hither and yon from various critically beeping and burping hospital instruments), who wouldn't demand Joe be "relieved of his duties?"

What then will those insensitive Republicans say?  Can they cry, "Foul"?  Heartless, unfeeling -- first it's your grandmother's Medicare, then it's women's contraception, then it's re-chaining anyone remotely off-white -- now THIS?!  Joe warned us, now look at him!

And the press will happily advance  the essential narrative:  Who will save the day?  It would be so nice if Hillary would just, maybe, perhaps, consider letting bygones be bygones and run with Obama.  For her it would be political suicide (the press will say) -- but only a true patriot will sacrifice her own future for the good of America.

So, for the Dems, it makes perfect political sense when it comes to Joe to stop rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic and start re-stacking the deck against the Republicans.

Just one question remains: Will the American people buy it?   Will an Obama/Clinton ticket prevail over Romney/Ryan come November 6th?