Racism, Diversity, and the Irritating Insufferableness of Liberals

I just discovered The American Thinker (What a find!), its article archives, and Albin Sadar's March 31, 2012 article, "Racism is for Losers," which resonated intellectually, made me laugh, and brought back these memories: Something that used to raise my infant blood pressure with impotent fury was many adults' penchant for admonishing me not to do idiotic things that I would have never thought to do, as when an uncle once ordered severely, "Don't go up that ladder that the roofers left!" I can still feel my silent, seething anger at his assuming that I, a non-dare-devil girl-child with a fear of heights, would scurry up the ladder left leaning against my grandmother's three-story house by the lunching roofers. That feeling returns when I see brochures in church vestibules or on university bulletin boards with titles like "Seminar on Fear of 'the Other,'" "Dialogue on Race," "Youth against Hate," etc., ad nauseam. I grew up in the fifties and sixties, with...(Read Full Post)