It's Really Up to You

All of my friends (and even the few trolls) who read American Thinker have to remember that all of us who contribute articles here are limited.  Keep in mind that we are "preaching to the choir."   It is really up to you, our readers to spread the word. 

Email is a good medium for forwarding the web address of articles that you really like, but realistically, how many true liberals or even people who are really undecided are on any of our email lists?  I can only count one on my own mailing list, and I hope you'll forgive my weakness if I refuse to delete my daughter's email address.  But other than my daughter, I really don't have anyone on my email list that isn't already predisposed to vote against Obama.

(Oh, just in case you're concerned that her vote might tip the balance, don't worry.  Her husband is slightly to the right of Attila the Hun.  They cancel each other out every election.)

All I can suggest is that it is up to you, the readers, to use the articles here as the source for your own talking points.  Or print out a few of the articles that you think really illustrate just how duplicitous Obama is and clearly show the divergence of his actions from his words.

Print 'em out, and then get a few dozen copies made.  Using Staples would be appropriate, I would think, but any good copy shop should do it without you needing any stimulus help.   Pass them out to your neighbors, your co-workers, even total strangers.  Plant the seeds of doubt about the infallibility of Obama.  I can't do it myself, and the other authors here have the same problem.  It's really up to each of you.

Just a thought to consider.

Jim Yardley is a retired financial controller for a variety of manufacturing firms, a Vietnam veteran and an independent voter.  Jim blogs at, or he can be contacted directly at

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