Propaganda poll shows Obama ahead

A worthless new Quinnipiac poll gives Obama a big edge in Florida, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. The survey shows Obama up 6 in Ohio and Florida and 11 in Pennsylvania. These are all bigger margins than Obama received when he won all three states in 2008 --  Florida (2.8%), Ohio (4.7%). Pennsylvania(10%).  It seems unlikely that Obama would be doing better in these states than he did 4 years ago.  If you look at page 9 of the detailed results provided by the pollster (now linked to the New York Times and CBS for these state polls), you get the answer for the odd results: Those surveyed revealed who they voted for in 2008. Here are the results  by state (Page 9): Florida: Obama 53%, McCain 40% Ohio: Obama 53%, McCain 38% Pennsylvania: Obama 54%, McCain 40%.  In other words, the bias towards Obama voters is 10% in Florida and Ohio, and 4% in Pennsylvania, compared to how people actually voted in these states in 2008. These results are as valuable as the media that...(Read Full Post)