Rahmbo's pirouette in a tea pot

Rahm ... this is a leap in logic...a vault grandeur, a grand jete.

While anointing the Nation of Islam with some sort of community watch authority, you, the mayor of Chicago, roadblock a national restaurant chain from opening second location in the city.  Why this battle?

The restauranteur  promotes the concept of traditional man and woman marriage.  The Nation of Islam leader does as well.  Add in Farrakhan's interesting views on Jewish people. Yet you have thrown your arms around the gay community and the Nation of Islam in one calculated political move. You seem to have locked up these two groups in your camp.  But at what expense?  What groups did you lose?

This opinion on traditional marriage is not only CEO Cathy's opinion, but one shared, arguably, by perhaps over 50% of Chicago. Want to lock horns with the Catholic Church and all their Polish and Irish parishioners? 

Most glaring is the simple fact that  Barack Obama ran for President as a proponent of traditional marriage., ala CEO Cathy.  You, Rahm, were Obama's Chief of Staff.  Where were your principles at that point in time?  You seem to exercise selective outrage. " Finger in the wind" positions on hot topics.  This doesn't wash....it isn't politically logical, on the surface.

I'm shocked, Rahm.  

But, what then is the yardstick for the angst over Chic Fil A not being welcomed into Chicago? This corporation has not been charged with discrimination in employment or in any other matter. 

How does one connect these dots.?

Or, is this merely a calculated "pirouette in a tea pot"?   Is this issue made for TV, so to speak?  A political diversion that has gone national with the addition of the Philadelphia councilman Kenney's comments?  To the point, where was Kenney's outrage when the first six Chic Fil A's went into Philly?

This is reminiscent of the contraceptive blow up of just a few months ago.  It is clear the Democrats want to focus and emphasize on the soft and fuzzy emotional social issues and distance themselves from hard facts and the economy. Like Bloomberg's sudden interest in salt, baby formula, and soda pop, this seems dead on arrival in any court, but alive and well in the media.  Another type of consumption for the masses. Methinks that is the idea....right Rahm?

You are certainly a danseur de politico.

Bruce Johnson