Kids Eat Kale at State Dinner

Although most Americans will never have an opportunity to attend a state dinner at the White House, it's fun to witness history in the making by taking a first-hand look inside one as it happens. When the Obamas hold a grownup state dinner, the menu isn't all that healthy ---think lobster, steak, and apple pie for Chinese President Hu Jintao. However, for the state dinner the first lady recently hosted for the winners of the "Let's Move" Healthy Lunchtime Challenge, guests were offered quite different fare. After being greeted with a kale appetizer, 54 guests/contest winners were served "Yummy Cabbage Sloppy Joes," baked zucchini "fries," and a salad of quinoa, black beans and corn. Overflowing with 8- to 12 year olds, the East Room probably smelled more like the cafeteria at PS 131 than the White House.  And from the list of ingredients in some of the recipes, it sounded as if the level of hydrogen sulfide is what decided the winners. Moreover, what, pray tell, did the kiddies...(Read Full Post)