Don't Dismiss ID

The fact that liberals could even suggest something so stupid, naïve, and deceptive as that you don't need ID to vote is ridiculous.  It is only in the age of Obama that people have become so confused and contradictory as to suggest that ID is not necessary for voting.  Maybe we don't even need our names and should sign ourselves in as "none of your business."  Or we should hide our faces behind burqas like Muslim women.  Or put thimbles on our fingertips if we are printed.

Obama's defenders on dismissing ID now excuse themselves by claiming that voter fraud isn't a major problem anyhow.  Democrats re-evaluate voter fraud as minimal because they would rather revise reality than to face an obviously existent problem.  Obama was a lawyer for ACORN and sued Illinois in 1993 to make voter registration laxer.  He is the poster boy for voter fraud and hopes to stamp the next election with covert self-promotion.  I'd like to see Obama for once side with an American value or tradition rather than come up with some sophomoric reinterpretation.

It is a simple axiom that you need ID to vote.  It has always been that way because voting is considered at least as important as driving, buying a gun, entering a hospital, boarding a plane, or going to court or jail.  If you need ID for those functions, why wouldn't you need ID for something as essential to the country as voting?  

The contradiction that ID is not necessary for voting shows that all transparent values are being flipped on their heads so that the opposite becomes the norm.  Our society is saturated with this kind of contrarian thought.  The simple-minded rebel against tradition because they think that rebellion is a sign of intelligence rather than a form of naïve, adolescent revolt.  The Obamas of the world flip every coin to show up as tails.  They have no positive ideas, so they criticize tradition.  They never give you a heads-up because they are mired in the underside of ruining American values.

During Occupy Wall Street, Obama actually encouraged the occupiers.  How does a president side with the opposition without destabilizing the country?  The polarity between government and protestors falls on its side.  The world becomes unbalanced.

If you don't have ID, you shouldn't be allowed in the voting booth.  Liberalism is the silliness of allowing other people to vote when they are not entitled to.  Unidentified voters hurt the rest of the country.  We should not throw honest citizens down the tube in order to support fake voters.  

If you love this country, you cannot love the ACORNs and the Obamas of the world who would allow voting without ID.  They pretend they are nice guys looking out for people without ID. but they are doing a disservice to the tradition of our country and showing that their clever small minds are protecting illegal voters rather than the popular vote and democracy.  Did we trade in aristocracy for the illegitimacy of the false vote?

Why can't the country stand up and yell that without ID you cannot vote?  It is so obvious.  Obama has clouded our minds so much that we can't even make simple decisions to disallow voter fraud.  It's one thing that he has bankrupted our country; it's another that he has befogged our ability to think clearly and to uphold the values we have always believed.  He has made us stupid.

Obama is trying to obscure our traditional voting procedures.  But worse, he has invaded our minds and confused our values; he has turned us into dolts who echo his simplistic ideology or fail to put up a fight against it.  If we pinch ourselves, we can still wake up and find Romney and Ryan there leading us rather than Obama and Sancho Panza trying to invent their naïve version of the windmills of Marxism.