Environmentalism is unhealthy for the planet

Environmentalism, and its adherents the environmentalists, otherwise known as greenies, is harmful to the climate and other living things. The road to a polluted hell--and earth--is paved with environmentalists' good intentions. The New York Times provides another example as it reports that thanks to a UN carbon credits inititative

Profits on Carbon Credits Drive Output of a Harmful Gas

When the United Nations wanted to help slow climate change, it established what seemed a sensible system.

Greenhouse gases were rated based on their power to warm the atmosphere. The more dangerous the gas, the more that manufacturers in developing nations would be compensated as they reduced their emissions.

But where the United Nations envisioned environmental reform, some manufacturers of gases used in air-conditioning and refrigeration saw a lucrative business opportunity.

They quickly figured out that they could earn one carbon credit by eliminating one ton of carbon dioxide, but could earn more than 11,000 credits by simply destroying a ton of an obscure waste gas normally released in the manufacturing of a widely used coolant gas. That is because that byproduct has a huge global warming effect. The credits could be sold on international markets, earning tens of millions of dollars a year.

That incentive has driven plants in the developing world not only to increase production of the coolant gas but also to keep it high - a huge problem because the coolant itself contributes to global warming and depletes the ozone layer. (snip)

So since 2005 the 19 plants receiving the waste gas payments have profited handsomely from an unlikely business: churning out more harmful coolant gas so they can be paid to destroy its waste byproduct. (snip) That means, critics say, that United Nations subsidies intended to improve the environment are instead creating their own damage.

Oh sure, now the European Union and the UN are working to reduce carbon subsidy credits. But most of the beneficiaries of the carbon credit scam, er, healthy, clean air initiative are in the so called Third World countries of China and India. If they stop the credits these poor countries will suffer. In other words the EU and the UN will then be practicing--racism! As bloggers everywhere say, "Heh!"