Obama forgets that Robin Hood was against bloated, corrupt government

President Barack Obama (D) contemptuously referred to presumptive Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney's economic plan as "It's like Robin Hood in reverse - it's Romney-hood."

Actually, the comparison is a compliment. Granted, there are many versions of the Robin Hood story as Wikipedia summarizes.  However, the contemporary, basic tale depicts Robin Hood and his merry band of men opposing to the corrupt Sheriff of Nottingham (from the government) who was confiscating their wealth.

As my friend and Obama's fellow lawyer, Steven Shanock, pointed out in an email to me:

Has President Obama no shame? He slanders even the legendary Robin Hood by his naked misrepresentation that Robin was "robbin" the rich to give to the poor. The President's knowledge of literature is as misguided as his economic policies.

The facts are that Robin and his merry men were taking back from the King's tax collectors the coins which had been expropriated from the people and "redistributing" them back to their rightful owners.

Robin Hood was showing his disdain for bloated government then, and if he were participating in our presidential election, his campaign slogan would proudly be "Romney Hood."

So perhaps Romney should embrace this new tag by emphasizing, "Yes, under Romney Hood, I will return your money which the government confiscated from you."