Romney and the Future of America

David Goldman, who writes for PJMedia and Asia Times, recently "squeezed into" an East Side (NYC) catering hall to hear Romney speak. He hones in on a differentiating factor between Obama and Romney that strikes me as important and which very well might become a key factor in the election - Romney's sincere belief that America can recover economically and, more importantly, regain its confidence in itself and its future.

Romney is not a Great Communicator — he evokes Ronald Reagan less than Jimmy Stewart — but he is utterly and unmistakably sincere. His belief in the recuperative powers of the United States of America, of individual achievement and national greatness, is so passionate that he finds it hard to find words powerful enough to convey it. That's what makes him so much more persuasive in person than in the cold medium of television. 
If Americans are having a hard time believing in themselves, they know that Mitt Romney believes in them — and it is an authentic, deeply held, lifelong belief. He believes in them concretely, in their businesses and schools and churches, not in the abstract. And that's exactly what this country needs: a president who can sell the idea of America back to its original owners, the American people.

By contrast to Romney, Obama can pitch anything and whatever he is pitching comes across in the same slick cadence and manner.