Compromise reached on rules controversy

A potential floor fight over new rules regarding delegate selection at the state level was headed off late Monday night when a compromise was reached between the Romney campaign and the leader of the group looking to defeat the rules changes. The rules in question would have affected future delegate selection by giving the nominee the right to vet all delegates chosen to attend the convention, and a rule that would require delegations from statewide caucuses and conventions to adhere to the will of the majority who voted when selecting delegates. ABC News: Bopp had led a movement to defeat this rule on the convention floor Tuesday. Instead, Bopp has agreed to compromise language. The RNC Rules Committee will meet Tuesday to approve the replacement language, Bopp told ABC News. "The leadership of the Republican National Committee and the Romney for President campaign has heard the concerns of the conservative grassroots voices in our party and has crafted an amendment to the Rules...(Read Full Post)