A 21st century definition of the liberal media

How best to describe the relationship between Barack Obama and the mainstream media?  Before and during Barack Obama's tenure as President of the United States, there have been many who have noticed a very special relationship between the president and the liberal media; most notably that the liberal media REALLY loves President Obama.

One needs only to check The Media Research Center to see overwhelming evidence of liberal media bias in favor of Barack Obama. Most recently, the liberal bias could be seen in stories about the local press being given "ground rules" for interviews with the president and Joe Biden's staff's attempt at "press management." Even more revealing are ABC's White House correspondent Jake Tapper telling Laura Ingram that the "media helped tip the scales" for Obama in 2008 and NBC's political analyst Mark Halperin on the Today Show saying "the media is very susceptible to doing what the Obama campaign wants." Also, in a very revealing article by departing New York Times public editor Arthur Brisbane, Brisbane asserts that progressivism "virtually bleeds through the fabric of The Times." 

The liberal media's relationship with Barack Obama has been referred to by Emmy Award winning journalist Bernard Goldberg as a "Slobbering love affair." Sean Hannity of Fox News says "journalism is dead in America" and often refers to the liberal media as the "Obama-mania media," while conservative radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh regularly calls the White House press Obama's "stenographers." Most recently, John Nolte on Brietbart.com went as far as calling the liberal media Obama's "punks."  But to be truly honest, and in keeping with 21st century culture, those definitions of the liberal media's relationship with President Obama seem to fall short compared a more current and accurate term found in the Urban Dictionary.  

Before disclosing that term, let me explain specifically why I've decided to "go there."

We are living in a culture where our vernacular is rapidly evolving - for better or worse, that's just the way it is. The evolution over the past couple of decades has been driven mostly by the music industry, Hollywood and network and cable television programming. And unless you have been living on another planet, (or in a hut in Kenya) it's a pretty safe bet you've heard the following term many times over. So here goes.

As defined by the Urban Dictionary, the liberal media is Barack Obama's "bitch."

While offensive to some, and I apologize for that, this term is the perfect definition for the liberal media's relationship to President Obama. Let's break down the five specific parts of the Urban Dictionary definition to prove my point.

Someone's Bitch :

"Someone who does everything for you, not very loved by the person you are doing stuff for. If you are someone's bitch you are their slave, someone who they need to clean up for them; someone who doesn't mean a lot to a significant other."

1.      The liberal media "does everything" for President Obama, except for maybe shining his shoes. (That's still yet to be verified)

2.      In case you haven't figured it out yet, President Obama "loves" only himself.

3.      Being a "slave" is the best way to characterize a liberal media on-call 24/7 to do President Obama's bidding. (Maybe they're the ones put "back in chains" Joe Biden was talking about)

4.      "Cleaning up" for President Obama not only seems to be a favorite activity of the liberal media, they're also really good at it. (Obama's media-maid brigade)

5.      For everything the liberal media does for President Obama as his political "significant other," their slobbering love affair with Obama keeps them from admitting he's using them. (Better known as battered liberal media syndrome)

You can embrace it or reject it, be offended or laugh it off, but you can't deny the fact that this term defines the liberal media to a T.