Bully is as Bully Does

I  have to weigh in on the Chick-fil-A controversy. I detest hypocrisy, but the bullying kind of hypocrisy  really makes my blood boil.  It is especially important for me to take on the gay Left when it comes to hypocrisy, because I am gay and was once immersed in the Left's mentality of intolerance and hypocrisy.  It is the Left's tactics of bullying that really leaves a pit in my stomach -- a leftover from my days as a brainwashed liberal. The only way to fight the Left in regard to their hypocrisy is to point it out. Use analogies they might be able to understand. Here is one: Suppose a business owner -- oh, let's say a fast food chain owner was an atheist. A Christian town in the South tries to prevent that fast food chain owner from building in that town because they do not believe in God.  What do you think the reaction would be from the Left if this scenario played out? Most certainly the ACLU would be right there suing the town due to civil rights...(Read Full Post)