Biden Unchained

Obama may have to put Joe Biden back in chains, because he has again put his foot in his mouth, showcasing the Obama campaign strategy called "Preach Ignorance" to blacks. Biden appears hell bent on proving that it simply doesn't matter what Democrats say or do, they will get the black vote. Romney "wants to put y'all back in chains" was the applause line for Biden's largely black audience.  "Thank you Massa Biden for stoppin' Romney from puttin' us black folks back to da chains!" It wasn't even so much what Biden said, but how he said it. Biden intended to sound like he was a black Baptist minister at a revival, preaching about the devil. How racist and elitist of Biden to say something so ignorant and demeaning! Biden proved yet again that Democrats are constantly looking to invoke the race card. They will use any means necessary, even if it means taking black folks down memory lane to reminisce about the atrocities of Democrats! What next; a post-911photo op in Air Force One...(Read Full Post)