At NY Times and WaPo, Arab pain trumps Jewish pain

This is a tale of two horrific crimes that occurred thousands of miles apart. In Jerusalem, in a despicable hate crime, a mob of Jewish youngsters assaulted an Arab youth, beating him mercilessly while no one intervened.  The victim was left bloodied, unconscious and had to be hospitalized. The incident prompted wide coverage in the Israeli press and lengthy reports by the New York Times and the Washington Post. The Times said it shed light on a backdrop of Israeli "racism and violence" and wondered "how Israeli society could have come to this point."  Its own diagnosis was that the attack occurred in a "poisoned political environment that affected the moral compass of youths growing in it." The Post, which devoted three quarters of a page to the assault, reported that "the vicious beating of an Arab teenager by a mob of Jewish youths prompted soul-searching about the depth of ethnic hatred in Israeli society." At about the same time, in an eerie parallel with the shocking...(Read Full Post)