What Obama did not say in Roanoke

Many have written that President Obama's comments in Roanoke were stating the obvious in that most would agree that  a business, obviously, could not be sucessfull without roads, phones and similar services.  However, what appears to be a meaningless comment, stating the obvious or even a general attack on business, has much deeper meaning when we examine the logical conclusion of the statement. In order to form such a possible conclusion to the Presidents comments one might ask if the workers who built the roads and bridges were paid and the answer would naturally be yes, at the going rate.  The next question would be to question if the going rate was fair and this is where the subject gets interesting and perhaps revealing.  While it is not appropriate to put words in the Presidents mouth, surely the only logical conclusion is that the President is indeed asking these questions, does not think the bridge and road workers were fairly paid and surely he is...(Read Full Post)