Yes, Mr. President we owe our success to others... in the energy industry

This past week the President made what seemed like an outlandish claim at the time, that those folks that are successful in this country owe their success to others. Mr. President you are right in more ways than you know. When it comes right down to it we all owe whatever living we are able to scratch out of this miserable economy to the energy industry. 

You see Mr. President, your teleprompter, which you love so much, would not function without power which, by in large, is produced by the same fossil fuels that you hate. Your presidential limousine will not go anywhere without the fuel that is extracted and refined by the oil and gas industry.  Many of the roads, including new ones that you claim to be "shovel ready," are made up of asphalt; a by-product of oil refining. The heavy equipment used to build those roads runs on diesel fuel refined somewhere in America; more than likely in Texas; a state you will likely not carry.  

You see Mr. President, without the hard work of the energy industry you would not have a country to run.

Think of it, Mr. President, the hard working coal miner, whom you are trying to put out of work, and the hard working roughneck on the oil rigs off shore that you are trying to shut down, are making a difference for all of us. 

So Mr. President given that fact that you have now become aware that you personally benefit from the energy industry I'm hopeful that the next time you turn on your teleprompter to give a speech you will thank the hard work of the men and women that wear Red Wing Boots and Carhartt work clothes to make your success possible... but I won't hold my breath.