UN hits bottom; keeps digging

Just when you thought the UN and its various councils and committees couldn't get any worse--pow!--they take an action or two to prove their worthlessness, nay, danger to humanity. Iran is under sanctions because of its development of nuclear weapons. So who does the UN elect to a top post at the UN Arms Trade Treaty Conference now underway and continuing until nearly the end of July? Iran! Of course. But...for some reason this, and the other countries selected are not listed on the conference's website or summary; the information is available only from the UN webcast which the organization UN Watch  is now publicizing. The conference is planning to devise a new agreement to regulate arms transfers. Hmmm. UN Watch has discovered that the countries elected to the five regional groups include Iran, Japan, and South Korea for the Asian group; Kenya, Egypt and Nigeria for Africa; Azerbaijan, Belarus, and Ukraine for Eastern Europe; Australia, Netherlands and Switzerland for the...(Read Full Post)