Top 10 things the Obama Campaign doesn't want to talk about

If it seems like the Obama campaign has been shooting blanks since Mitt Romney assumed the Republican nomination to run for president you're not far off the mark. But it's not because the Obama campaign doesn't have what it takes to win an election - they do. It's because they lack the key winning ingredient they had in 2008 - ammunition.

Here's a list of the top 10 issues the Obama campaign can't quite pull the trigger on this time around:

1. The Economy: "All ahead slow" may be an acceptable order for a ships captain heading into mined waters - but not for a sitting president.

2. Jobs: The Obama administration predicted unemployment to be 5.6% by now. Let's just say Obama's laser-beam focus on jobs turned out to be more like a flashlight with weak batteries.  

3. Health Care: Looks like passing a bill to find out what's in it and then finding out what was in it was actually the largest tax hike in the history of mankind wasn't such a great idea after all.

4. The National Debt: "What do you mean I don't have any money left - I've still got checks?" It was pretty funny on that t-shirt you got at the beach - not so much on a political bumper sticker.

5. The Stimulus: "Shovel ready was not as shovel ready as we expected." Obama got a big laugh for this quote from the "Jobs Council" panel. It's safe to say it'll bomb on the stump this year.

6. Green Energy: Can you say S-O-L-Y-N-D-R-A? Obama sure can't.

7. Foreign Policy: Obama's "Timothy Treadwell" approach to foreign policy will only prove one thing in the end - the bears will eventually eat you.

8. Education: When half of America's college graduates can't find a job, now's probably not the best time to be pushing a college education for everyone.

9. Transparency: Who knew the "O" in Obama actually stands for opaque.

10. Hope and Change: Been there - done that.

Buckle up for a big dose of blame and excuses for the next five months from the most vacant campaign in modern history.