The Liberal Media's Shiny Object Factory

Misquoting makes it easy.  Taking an innocuous statement by Romney about the coming confirmation of the British people's embrace of the Olympics, mentioning some variables and unkowns, then extrapolating to a foreboding of Mitt's foreign policy ineptness could win the long jump. It is a gaffe of major proportions, they say.  How could he say such a thing? Typical of the liberal coverage is the summarizing of the outrageous gaffe.....but failing to provide the actual quote.  The New York Times did just that. There are many other examples of excoriating the Romney's comments, but also failing to provide a contextual video or an actual quote.  Fundamental to the 'polishing' process is the misrepresentation.  Contrast that style with the discussions about the Obama comments regarding who built that business.  Those journalistic discussions are nearly always accompanied by video evidence and context. Why wouldn't a journalist provide the quote, then continue...(Read Full Post)