Spot the male chauvinist pig

North Dakota Democrats have given evidence of their real attitudes toward women. The MSM still bombards us with the purported conservative "War on Women," the alleged glass ceilings that limit women's pay and promotion in corporate America, and the supposed "The Old Boy's Club" that thinks women are only sex objects that should stay in kitchen and bedroom. All these gross lies died a slow death by the late 1970's.

But hold on.  Let's carefully study this disgusting paragraph of hateful sleaze that recently was distributed in North Dakota.


There's a funny story going around political circles these days about Superintendent of Public Instruction candidate Kirsten Baesler's breast implants (no, she didn't do it just for the campaign-she did it a couple years ago-although she may have had a long-term plan and this was the beginning of her implementation). Seems Kirsten didn't bother to tell her then-husband (they have since divorced-he claims infidelity, she claims he was a drunk) that she was going to do it, and so to explain it to him when she came home, she told him a story about having a biopsy or lump removed or something like that, and, and claimed her doctor said there would be some "swelling" for a while.  Except that the "swelling" didn't seem to go down. Still, her husband remained convinced (love really IS blind sometimes) that it was just a matter of time, until his sister finally took him aside and said something like "Dude. She got a boob job." Turns out he was about the only one who bought the "swelling" story. Friends of the couple say she caused quite a stir in church when she walked down the aisle wearing a tight blouse shortly after the procedure.

No surprisingly Jim Fuglie, the former Executive Director of the North Dakota Democratic Party, posted this.  Moreover...

You could dismiss this as nothing more than the ill-advised ranting of a former leader of the state Democrat party. But this post was also published on a blog managed by Chad Nodland, currently representing North Dakota Democrats on the Democrat National Committee.

Let's see how long it takes United States Senators Dianne Feinstein and Barbara Boxer to denounce and repudiate this nasty bit of anti feminism. Or perhaps Congresswoman Pelosi and the rest of the elected Democratic women in Washington thinks women's rights are only for Democratic women? We can be sure of only one thing. Hell will freeze over before any Democrat will condemn this humiliating piece of gossip as unacceptable for public political discourse.