Once again, Obama unwittingly reveals himself

President Obama gets into trouble when he relaxes in front of a friendly group, and lets the real Barack Obama come out. In front of a teleprompter, or in a situation where guards his words, the carefully cultivated facade comforts all who want to believe in his leadership. He can portray himself as the serious policy wonk, the nice guy with the ready smile, the uniter not the divider, and convince all but his opponents. But when he is among enthusiastic friends, such as the cheering, responding audience in Roanoke, or more intimate gatherings of wealthy donors, he says things that reveal the real man, a guy who sees his opponents as bitter clingers to guns and bibles.  As they are made, the remarks go unnoticed, accepted by his supporters as perfectly appropriate. President Obama made a telling remark last night at a fundraiser in New York. Andrew Malcolm of Investor's Business Daily  brings us news of a joke told by Obama at a New York fundraiser that, once you think about...(Read Full Post)