Lech Walesa emphatically endorses Mitt Romney

The old freedom fighter still looks spry at 68 and, if nothing else, may have gotten Romney a few votes in the Great Lakes states where ethnic Poles congregate.


Walesa, in a clearly prepared move, effectively endorsed the presumptive GOP nominee once reporters were let into their meeting here.

"I wish you to be successful because this success is needed to the United States, of course, but to Europe and the rest of the world, too," Walesa said through a translator.


Then, with a bang of his fist on a wooden table, the Nobel Prize winner urged the Republican to claim victory: "Gov. Romney, get your success - be successful!"

Along with a pair of made-for-camera visits to Gdansk's two civic shrines - a monument that marks where the first shots of World War II were fired and another in honor of Walesa's legendary labor movement - it was all Romney's high command could have wanted.

The Israel-Polish leg of Romney's foray overseas more than made up for his shaky stay in London. Interesting that the press appears to be agreeing with the Palestinians about Romney's strong support for Israel and Jerusalem as its capital. There is absolutely nothing new in what Mitt said as far as American policy is concerned, so one wonders what the Palestinians -- and the American press who agrees with them -- are complaining about.

When you take the side of murderous thugs just to oppose a candidate you dislike, it reveals a disconnect with reality that seems to be getting worse the closer we get to the election.