More on Aurora (CO) and Chicago (IL)

As Thomas Lifson noted, citing William Jacobson's report on Chicago's daily count of shooting deaths and injuries, mostly perpetrated by males using guns against males, the total monthly deadly sum in Chicago is far worse than the few minutes of horrific slaughter in Aurora. Adding to that, many of the Chicago shootings occur within a few miles radius of the Obamas' home. Also, unlike Aurora, Chicago has strict gun control laws. As both Lifson and Jacobson mentioned, the mainstream media have been fairly quiet about this; not only because it would imply criticism of Obama and his former chief of staff now Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel, but because they all belong to the same political party, the Democrats. Their deep Democratic party affiliation unites them and their media enablers, binding them to strike out at others, blaming the usual suspects eg, racism, the rich, poor schools, no jobs, legitimate gun shops instead of those actually responsible for the crimes. For instance, Sunday...(Read Full Post)