A Tale of Two Shootings.

Last week, two incidents on opposite sides of the country revealed the contrast of an armed and unarmed society.  The first, was the atrocity in Colorado, where a psychopath was able to kill and wound over 70 defenseless moviegoers.  The second, was in Florida, where an armed, 71 year-old man successfully defended the patrons of an internet café from two criminals that were 1/3 of his age.  

In Aurora, Colorado, strict gun laws prevent law-abiding citizens from carrying firearms and guns are specifically restricted inside theaters.  In Florida, proper laws allow citizens to carry guns and to stand their ground.  In Colorado, scores of innocents were killed and wounded by a man carrying a gun.  In Florida, two criminals were shot by a man carrying a gun and arrested.  Both shootings plainly show that the best way to combat gun crime is to allow good people to protect themselves.

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