'Hi. I'm from the IRS and I'm here to help'

The President's post-Roberts talking points belie the cold reality that 21 new taxes, including the individual mandate, in his namesake health care law will drive all of us into the waiting arms of the Internal Revenue Service. A column by Elizabeth MacDonald at Fox Business notes that of the 4,500 new IRS agents coming in to administer ObamaCare, "nearly 4,000" are "slated for enforcement."  ...the IRS will be the agency enforcing the law, collecting these mandate penalties, as well as determining whether individuals buy "adequate" health coverage, and whether small businesses provide "affordable" coverage to workers under the new law... For perspective, the IRS web site reports 91,380 employees at the end of fiscal year 2011, including 21,938 "agents" and "revenue officers."  While earlier estimates of new hires were speculative, the 4,500 new agents reported by the Government Accountability Office still represents a major expansion of the agency. MacDonald quotes the...(Read Full Post)