Roberts did not change

If you wish to understand Thursday's incoherent opinion by Chief Justice John Roberts, you must first know Republican history from the Summer of 2005.

Contrary to most that has been written since Thursday's enactment of RobertsCare, Chief Justice John Roberts did not change.  He has always been that way.  Eight years ago, when John Roberts was nominated, we were warned that he was a liberal jurist appointed by a RINO president, just as liberal David Souter was appointed by the previous RINO president.  Two articles in July 2005 by Ben Shapiro and Ann Coulter foretold the Souter-like liberal jurisprudence of Justice Roberts.  We now know that Shapiro and Coulter were 100% correct.

President Bush's Roberts Pick Disappoints was written by Ben Shapiro on 7/20/5.  Pull quote: "Roberts is not an originalist.  There is nothing in his very short jurisprudential record to indicate that his judicial philosophy involves strict fidelity to the original meaning of the Constitution."

Fool Me 8 Times, Shame on Me was written by Ann Coulter on 7/27/5.  RINOs on parade: (1) Earl Warren, (2) William Brennan, (3) Harry Blackmun, (4) John Stevens, (5) Sandra O'Connor, (6) Anthony Kennedy, (7) David Souter, and (8) John Roberts.  Ann's pull quote re the Roberts nomination: "We have 55 Republican seats in the Senate..., and Son of Read-My-Lips gives us another ideological blind date."

And published 6/30/12, looking back to 2005: A Thought about Chief Justice Roberts by David Bernstein.  Pull quote: Roberts "is extremely risk-averse."

Also published 6/30/12, remembering Roberts as a country-club Republican: Why I Walked Out on John Roberts by Michael Filozof in American Thinker.  Pull quote: "Roberts seemed like the master of pleasing everyone all the time by saying nothing of substance."

Conservatives had a 2005 alternative to Roberts; she was Janice Rogers Brown.  But Brown was frowned upon by country-club Republicans because she is not an Ivy Leaguer.  Even before last Thursday's disgraceful decision, Janice Rogers Brown said the Supreme Court has "abdicated its Constitutional duty to protect economic rights." See If only Janice Rogers Brown were on the Supreme Court dated 4/18/12.

Again, Republicans have proven beyond doubt the shibboleth of their party.  It is axiomatic wisdom: Republicans never blow an opportunity to blow an opportunity.

Leaders, from Sarah Palin on the right to Mitt Romney on the left, now tell us we can defeat RobertsCare at the 11/6/12 election.  Here is why they are wrong: A National Geographic poll taken last week reveals that 65% of American voters believe that Obama is better equipped than Romney to protect us from alien invaders from outer space.

In the unlikelihood  that Mitt Romney is elected, will he nominate Janice Rogers Brown?  Of course not.  Romney is not an originalist, and Janice Rogers Brown's copy of the Constitution does not have a respiratory system.

The Republican Party owns this one -- RobertsCare!

Michael J. Fahy is an Attorney at Law in Chicago

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