Another Randy Dem Has a Twitter Problem

Considering the humiliation Anthony Weiner experienced flirting with women on Twitter, one would think that other Democrats would catch on. There must be something about the immediacy and brevity of a tweet that lulls men into allowing blood to flow out of the brain and head south. has published some tweets from Lanny Davis, Clinton White House Counsel and BFF, frat brother of George W. Bush at Yale, and high powered political lawyer, attempting to establish a private conversation with aging blonde bombshell Morgan Fairchild. Of course, there may be a perfectly innocent explanation, and Lanny never got to the picture sending stage, but this is embarrassing stuff.  Ms. Fairchild, who frequently has played dumb blondes, appears to stay in character.   With Twitter, others who view the tweets are free to respond, and some of the comments people made responding to Lanny are downright hilarious. Lanny has deleted the tweets, but they live on at Twitchy and no doubt on...(Read Full Post)