Wake up, Hispanos, because el presidente has been a disaster!

We are now in the 4th year of the Obama presidency, and it's been a disaster for Hispanics.

On Friday, we had another horrible jobs report:

1) The overall rate stayed at 8.2%, but that's another case of lying with numbers.  The real rate is closer to 14% because many people have quit looking.

2) The Hispanic unemployment rate did not change at 11%.

At the same time, we hear that Hispanics are 2-1 or even 3-1 in favor of Pres. Obama over Gov. Romney.

Let me scream it as loud as I can: how can Obama get even 5% support in the Hispanic community with these results?

First, I repeat that unemployment is 11%.  There is no evidence that this is going to change anytime.  This is also three years after we spent a trillion dollars on something called "the stimulus."  (This is already the longest jobs recession since the Great Depression, at 53 months.)

Second, what about public schools?  How many Hispanic parents are happy with the quality of the public schools run by the public unions that support Obama?  What about the obscene political correctness that does not allow Hispanic students to enjoy a Christmas party for fear that someone will be insulted?

Third, Mexican-Americans have to live with the tragedy that 2,000 ATF guns are terrorizing their relatives back in Mexico.  Shouldn't Mexican-Americans demand an explanation about how these guns got into Mexico?  The guns keep killing Mexicans in Mexico!

Fourth, how much longer is Obama going to insult our intelligence by blaming Republicans?  Didn't he have both houses in 2009-11?  Doesn't his party run the U.S. Senate today?

I ask again: how can Pres. BO enjoy this kind of support from Hispanics?

Wake up, Hispanos, because el presidente has been a disaster!

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