A NY Times headline that drips with anti-semitic venom

If you pick up the July 25 edition of the New York Times, you can't miss it.  There above the fold on the front page is a three-column headline that reads: "Mogul's Latest Foray Courts Jews for the G.O.P." The headline, along with a lengthy article by Jeff Zeleny, is presented as an expose of great wealth mobilized to push Jews into the Republican column in this election year. It's redolent with time-worn conspiracy charges aimed at Jews - use of money, in this instance from a "mogul," in a "foray" to reach for political power. Webster's defines "foray" as a "raid for spoils" and, when used as a verb, also connoting "pillage." Definitely a pejorative. Bottom line:  There's something not kosher going on in this year's presidential campaign, according to the article, and the Times is splashing it on the front page to warn its readers. Or to quote Zeleny, this heralds "intensified pursuit of Jewish voters." But what exactly is going on? Well, it turns out that...(Read Full Post)