'We're In This Together'

After months and months of participating in GOP primary debates, Mitt Romney has finally touched on an emotional theme, whether he is aware of it or not, that is a perfect counter-offensive to the strategy of divide and conquer which has been craftily and successfully cultivated during the 3.5 years of Obama's Presidency. "We're in this Together" is a phrase Mitt Romney used in a CBS interview with moderator Bob Schieffer while campaigning in Pennsylvania this Father's Day. I believe that this is a theme that the Romney team should be using throughout the campaign because it is a slogan that can help bridge the political and social gaps that Obama's team has created. "We're all in this together"... and "together we can find compromises that will put this country back on a path to prosperity for all." In the interview Mitt Romney held his ground against Schieffer's inquiries that were politically aimed at confirming that he is anti-immigration, anti-healthcare, anti-stimulus,...(Read Full Post)