Obama: Cheap Talk - Costly Actions

Last Thursday in Cincinnati Mitt Romney called out the president from across the state of Ohio where Obama was preparing to deliver a speech on the economy. Romney said that "talk is cheap," and to be honest, Mitt was correct, talk is cheap; but for a man who rose to political prominence and ultimately the presidency largely on his oratory skills, talk also proved to be very powerful.

But it's not the talk is cheap comment that should concern Americans, it's how Mitt completed the quote that should strike a sensitive nerve with every American citizen; "action speaks very loud."

For the last three and a half years, President Obama's actions have proven not just loud, but also very costly. And the cost is not always counted in dollars and cents; it goes much deeper than that.

The cost of Obama's actions since he became president have led to almost $5 trillion more in debt, record unemployment, GDP growth averaging less than 2%, lower wages, almost double gasoline prices, a 40% drop in Americans' net worth, 67.9 million people on some sort of government assistance, government dependency up 23%, food stamp use up 45%, 50% of college graduates can no longer find jobs, homeownership at an all-time low, home values down 34%, the number of women in the labor force at an all-time low, labor force participation rate is the lowest since 1981, almost 40% of black youth are unemployed, three straight years of double digit Hispanic unemployment, more Americans now live in poverty in our nation's history, the U.S. trade deficit is the largest in 3 years, billions of dollars have been lost on green investment, bailouts and government quick-fix schemes, and to put a little more costly icing on Obama's "actions" cake; this past Friday President Obama signed an executive order giving many illegal aliens between the age of sixteen to thirty their freedom - to take more American jobs.

America simply can't afford any more of President Obama's costly actions. Let's hope for the sake of each and every American that this President's actions will finally be stopped this November.

Talk is cheap - make sure you vote!

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